Great “Customer Experience”(CX) requires a customer-centric mindset… and a lot of careful work to ensure the success of your business because a happy customer is likely to become a loyal customer.

CX encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering, the quality of customer care, packaging, product and service features, ease of use, and reliability.

A company could be good in one area but struggle in others, which could prompt an overall poor experience. Consider what would happen if a company hired employees for its stores and call centers, who were apathetic about the service and didn’t want to be there…

Building a startup is difficult. You need to think of incredible product thought, make the product, and put resources into promoting to convey the product to the market. This is a great startup methodology.

Clients are very meticulous nowadays. When your answer is introduced and propelled it just because it has one moment or two to catch the client’s consideration.

Simultaneously the improvement is overwhelmingly costly. In the event that the organization or startup has restricted the time and spending plan for the undertaking — Minimum Viable Product(MVP) advancement is the most ideal approach to keep the harmony between conveying…

Branding is the process of developing a unique name and identity for a product or business. Branding ensures awareness and credibility for a brand, creates customer loyalty, among other advantages.

Image Credits: Zach Nie

Building a brand takes time and involves a lot of resources. It is, however, an important marketing tool for stimulating recognition.

A product, service, person or place that is branded automatically develops a personality as well as reputation. Businesses and individuals can as such take advantage of the various types of branding that are available.

Brands are significant and branding is principal as it is the personality of your…

The simplest encyclopedic meaning of conversational marketing will tell you that it’s a process in which lead generation and selling are based mostly on a one-to-one conversation. Namely, you sell the best if you interact with people. Old knowledge with a new name.

In short, it means that one-way communication channels called emails are not successful anymore. It’s one-to-one communication involving a personalized one-to-one conversation that overtook traditional emailing.

By interacting with clients we can build trust, have a chance to engage them and it isn’t a distant way to a sale.

The easiest way to understand what Inbound Marketing is to describe the “push vs. pull” method of marketing.

Let’s take a moment and analyze how you can use “push v pull” method of marketing into your business.

“Pushing” would be any marketing effort where you push your services, product, and advertising in front of people without them wanting it or looking for it. Classic examples of this are TV ads, newspaper ads, and flyers.

“Pulling” would be marketing where you have an understanding of what your target customer wants and you publish content (blog, eBook, video, classes) that will help…

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We have all been there when you became acquainted about this stunning thing called the internet and from that point forward we put in hours, and hours on it. We have consumed more content than a normal Baby Boomer did at any point in his/her lifetime.

In a world of constant notifications, Tweets, Snaps, and Netflixing, the number one asset in our society is attention. Quite frankly, the internet owns it. Truth be told, the average internet user is now spending over two hours per day on social media consuming content.

Regardless of whether it’s the ongoing subscription war between…

At the point when Facebook first went online in 2004 there’s simply a juvenile site, from that point forward the internet based life arrange has caught more than 2 billion remarkable month to month clients, as a result of this Facebook has been a web-based social networking symbol for the past decade swallowing Instagram and Whatsapp in its wake.

Gamers have spent an estimated $135 billion on games in 2018. But it isn’t just the big-name gaming companies that are making tons of cash — the gamers are, too.

Gaming enthusiasts have turned to play video games into a full-time job that can earn some gamer millions of dollars before age 30.

Kuro Takhasomi

Just take Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi, he is 26 years old and had made over $3 million so far, By Playing Dota 2, But Kuro isn’t alone there are gamers all around the world who have perfected the money-making formula.

Here’s how gamers make money

Generally speaking, there…

This is you, this is your startup, these are your investors, and this is your Shareholders Agreement. The SHA is a document that is signed by all shareholders and effectively manages how the control of the company is split among them.

Usually, the bigger the company, the longer the SHA and the harder to understand for mere mortals without a Ph. D. in law. Anything that’s written in the SHA is subject to negotiation.

Therefore, be careful to consider these five things before you sign.


When a company raises cash from new investors, existing shareholders get diluted, meaning their percentage…

It all starts with a Vision, Project, Product, Service

No one has ever done it before…. Unbelievable!, It’s so painfully Obvious, Can you pull it off??? Perhaps?! You and your friends, get excited, design a cool logo, think of a name, all fun and games are at play, designed a concept. Things get serious, You decide to make it a company.

You need structure, a legal Structure, How much will it cost?

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I write about Marketing, Business, Startups and All the things in between.

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